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Assign Missouri Highway Patrol to Investigate Use of Force

The Missouri Highway Patrol shall be the default
agency to create a task force with the requisite training
and expertise that would be responsible for leading the
criminal investigation in all cases of police use of force
resulting in death, officer-involved shootings resulting in
injury or death, or in-custody deaths. In cases where the
Missouri Highway Patrol is the agency involved in a case
of police use of force resulting in death, an appearance
of a conflict of interest, an officer-involved shooting
resulting in injury or death, or an in-custody death, the
Attorney General shall be permitted to exercise his or
her discretion to select members of non-involved law
enforcement agencies to lead the investigation.


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Know your new rights

Know the new rights secured by recent legislation to municipal courts and government, namely 2015 Missouri Senate Bill 5, which is now law.

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