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Build the Capacity of CDFIs

Banks shall strengthen and secure additional funding to build the capacity of Community Development Fund Institutions (CDFIs) to remove barriers keeping many individuals from engaging with traditional banking infrastructure (e.g., no credit check or lowered credit check standards for account openings; second chance checking; credit-builder products; lower minimum balance requirements, etc.).

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Use public transit

When possible use public transit as an alternative to commuting or exploring the region. Participate in existing programs intended to increase ridership; visit Citizens for Modern Transit for more information on trying our local transit system:

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Support early career development

Ask your employer about opportunities that may exist to intentionally expose students to your industry via internships, mentoring or other volunteer programs. Encourage your employer to develop relationships with local schools to expand opportunities for young people in diverse industries.

Tags Opportunity to ThriveBolstering Employer-Educator Collaboration
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