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Establish Use of Force Database

Direct the state of Missouri to establish a statewide database on critical use of force statistics in order to improve department operations, state policy, and the public at large. The database must be publicly available, and in keeping with current sunshine laws, ensure a degree of anonymity that would not identify specific officers’ involved. All police departments across the state shall be compelled to provide requested information.

Proposed information would include:
[The following language is based on IACP model policy]

  • A complaint log;
  • A central file for complaints in a secured area and in conformity with records retention requirements of state law;
  • A regular audit of complaints to ascertain the need for changes in training or policy;
  • Use of force metrics identified in consultation with law enforcement officials and researchers
  • Statistical or related information to identify trends involving all complaints of excessive force and abusive authority;

[The following language is based on the PERF report]:
Prospective models for consolidated databases include the City of Ballwin in its operation of a “Document Center” locally and the Indiana Gateway for Government Unit’s online collection platform.

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Know your new rights

Know the new rights secured by recent legislation to municipal courts and government, namely 2015 Missouri Senate Bill 5, which is now law.

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