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The Catalyst Network

Overview | Pathways to Engagement | How to Join 

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Overview – What is the Catalyst Network?

The Forward Through Ferguson Catalyst Network community exists to connect all levels of activists to clear pathways of engagement. From event volunteering, to setting up a recurring donation with our #GivingCommunity, to amplifying important social media announcements—the Catalyst Network lets you engage in the ways that work best for you, and awards you points and perks for doing it!

We want you to join this fast-growing group of Catalysts, and leverage your unique influence and resources in order to help catalyze regional Racial Equity.

If you’re ready to learn more and join this community of Catalysts, just fill out this interest form. Indicate how and where you want to impact change, and you’ll be notified about opportunities that relate to your specific interests and capacity!

Check out David Dwight IV, Executive Director and Lead Strategy Catalyst, and LadyAshley Gregory, Director of Community Partnerships, speaking at Partners in Change 2021 about how you can activate for change and earn perks with the Forward Through Ferguson Catalyst Network! 

Pathways to Engagement

Network Levels

The Catalyst Network has two levels:Activist and Champion. FTF’s community of support can opt-in to activation opportunities that will earn them points towards being part of the Catalyst Network.

Information about the Catalyst Network’s different levels and perks can be found here:

The Point System

The Catalyst Network is a point-based engagement and activation community where time, money, and influence are valued equitably.

There are lots of ways to engage, and we encourage you to activate in a way that resonates with you, and honors your unique power and sphere of influence.

There are three pathways to activation within FTF’s core buckets of work (Justice for All, Youth at the Center, Racial Equity Capacity, and Justice Philanthropy):

  • Amplify: Share FTF content on social media, invite friends and family
  • Take Action: Attend an advocacy event, raise your voice, give testimony, mail a postcard
  • Build Community: Volunteer for or attend a training, phonebank or canvass, join a giving community, host a friendraiser

Here are some examples of specific ways to earn points with the Catalyst Network:

Pathways to Engagement