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The Work — Forward Through Ferguson

Build Racial Equity Capacity

The 2024 Racial Equity Capacity Building schedule is coming this Spring!

Ad for Racial Equity Capacity Building offerings that says, "Ready to a be a Racial Equity catalyst for positive change in your neighborhood, organization, or company? We're here to help. The Forward Through Ferguson logo is on bottom right and on left is a photo circle with Director of Community Partnerships, Nichole Murphy, gesturing to a PowerPoint slide in a conference room. Nichole is a Black woman with an orange long sleeved dress and natural hair. The background of the add is light blue.

Want to advance Racial Equity in your neighborhood, organization or company? Now is the time to start thinking about it!

Start a conversation with leaders in your community or institution about working with Forward Through Ferguson to build Racial Equity.

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View the 2024 Racial Equity Capacity Building offerings presentation.

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St. Louis Regional Racial Healing + Justice Fund

A graphic with a beige background and four portrait style photos of Racial Healing + Justice Fund Cycle 3 grantees in action, including an older Black man in a wheelchair who is painting, a young Black man using a level for construction, two Black women smiling with a baby doll, a row of young Black boys, and a young Black girl with twists and a pink shirt that says, “Frizzy By Nature.”

The Cycle 3 Grantees have been announced!

In its third cycle, the Community Governance Board is dispersing the largest sum of grants in the Fund’s history to support education, arts, maternal health, youth mentorship, urban farming, and more.

Read the entire press release, “St. Louis Regional Racial Healing + Justice Fund Invests a Historic $800,000 in 42 Black and Brown-led Organizations in the St. Louis region”

On Wednesday, July 26, the Community Governance Board (CGB) of the St. Louis Regional Racial Healing + Justice Fund announced that it is investing a historic $800,000 to support 42 Black and Brown-led organizations in the St. Louis region. The third cycle marks several milestones. The CGB received a record 212 applications and awarded the largest sum of grants in a single grant cycle. The third cycle brings the Fund’s total community investment to more than $1.3 million.

Learn more about:

  1. The Racial Healing + Justice Fund
  2. The Fund’s grant priorities 
  3. The community governance board


FTF is turning our attention to St. Louis’ 911 system, the front door to our public safety system. Explore the #Transforming911 project, digitally housed at, to learn more about how 911 works in St. Louis, and to understand why if we want to reimagine public safety, we have to transform 911.

Check out the full #Transforming911 report.

Join Our Catalyst Network

Learn about the Forward Through Ferguson Catalyst Network community, which exists to connect people who are passionate about Racial Equity with concrete ways to transform the St. Louis region. From event volunteering, to setting up a recurring donation with our #GivingCommunity, to signing a petition—the Catalyst Network shows you how to make a meaningful impact, helps you track your progress, and celebrates you for making a difference!

If you’re ready to learn more and join this community of Catalysts, just fill out this interest form. Indicate how and where you want to impact change, and you’ll be notified about opportunities that relate to your specific interests and capacity! #RacialEquityMattersToMe

Still Separate, Still Unequal

More than 60 years after Brown v. Board of Education, the education system in St. Louis is still separate and still unequal.

Still Separate, Still Unequal is our community accountability and advocacy tool that examines these inequities and serves as a call to level the education playing field in St. Louis. Explore the site to learn more about our current education landscape, and to understand why if we want to change our education outcomes, we have to go upstream.

The Still Separate Still Unequal Engagement Report-Back:Activating in Community to Achieve Education Equity is a snapshot of the community engagement FTF held through forums, presentations, and digital storytelling efforts focusing on the root causes of education inequity. It shares the community voices we heard as they envisioned education equity and what they believe it takes to achieve it. It also includes action steps for how educators, parents, and youth can be engaged as catalysts in education transformation work.  

Public Safety Power Maps — The Power Behind the Badge Series

More and more St. Louisans are demanding a transformed public safety system that moves away from the reactive arrest-and-incarcerate model to a system that invests in community members’ opportunity to thrive. We’ve released community accountability tools that residents can use to understand and advocate around public safety budgets, policies, and practices as well as the decision-makers that shape police departments.

Click to view the interactive Power Maps! 

The State of Police Reform

Read our community accountability tool in the annual State of St. Louis series on what has and hasn’t changed in St. Louis policing since the killing of Michael Brown Jr. and the release of the Ferguson Commission Report.

Organizational Overview

History & Who We Are

The Ferguson Commission’s report outlined 189 policy recommendations to address these disparities and move the region toward Racial Equity drew local and national praise., in its final act, the Commission created Forward Through Ferguson to carry on its work, to help the region turn those calls into action, and to catalyze St. Louis’ efforts toward Racial Equity.

Forward Through Ferguson is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is charting a path toward Racial Equity. We:

  • Work as a catalyst, connecting and challenging stakeholders across the region to implement the 189 calls to action outlined in the Ferguson Commission report.

  • Help organizations and institutions build the capacity they need to dismantle systemic racism.

  • Serve people of color, who most experience inequity, through a systems approach that will strengthen the region for us all.

Our core principles:

  1. We will apply (and model) a Racial Equity Lens

  2. We are committed to Radical Collaboration

  3. We are committed to Radical Listening

  4. We are committed to Policy & Systems Change


The Vision

We believe St. Louis can become a region that is Racially Equitable—a state in which life outcomes are no longer predictable by race. Based on this belief, we are on a path to share a detailed #STL2039 Action Strategy proposal with the region in March 2018 and begin implementation by June 2018. The year 2039 will mark the 25th anniversary of the death of Michael Brown. We have collected vision statements from a broad set of community members to drive our work as an organization and a region in service of a transformed St. Louis in 2039.

On April 25, 2018, Forward Through Ferguson unveiled its #STL2039 Action Plan, which lays out the three Action Strategies that will guide the organization’s work for the next three years as it works to achieve a racially equitable St. Louis by the year 2039, which will mark the 25th anniversary of the death of Michael Brown.

The Action Strategy

The three prongs of our action strategy work together toward the ultimate goal of Racial Equity. Each strategy is led by a robust community governance structure made up of impacted community members of color that drives the decision making, continuous improvement, and accountability for achieving equitable results.

  1. Policy/Systems Advocacy Action Strategy: Through a series of policy advocacy campaigns, we will advance three sets of Calls to Action aligned to the Signature Priority Areas of the Ferguson Commission Report.  We have partnered with PolicyLink, a national research and action institute focused on advancing economic and social equity, to support this effort.

  2. Racial Equity Capacity Building Action Strategy: Equitable policy implementation rests on people and organizations. This means increasing regional understanding of the root causes of racial inequity; convening diversity, inclusion, and equity practitioners to support institutions and individuals as they enter the Path to Racial Equity; and public reporting our progress toward Racial Equity. Targeted institutions and members of the Racial Equity Community will access ongoing training, tools, and opportunities for community building, institutional transformation, reconciliation, and racial healing. 

  3. Sustainability Action Strategy: To ensure the region can sustain this challenging work, we are helping to develop a 25-year Racial Equity fund, as called for in the Ferguson Commission report, to support Racial Equity efforts.

Read more about some the milestones of our work in our first two years from 2016-2017.

Contact Us

Are you implementing the report’s calls to action?

One of the key responsibilities of Forward Through Ferguson is tracking implementation efforts across the report’s Signature Priorities. If you, or someone you know of, is involved in implementation efforts, please let us know by emailing

Would you like to support the work of Forward Through Ferguson?

You can support Forward Through Ferguson’s efforts here. Forward Through Ferguson is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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A Path To Racial Equity Worksheet

Racial Equity is a state in which race no longer predicts outcomes. Achieving Racial Equity is the mission of Forward Through Ferguson. But the 189 calls to action in the Ferguson Commission Report are a reminder that there is no one-step, straight-line path from our current state—where racial disparities exist in almost every set of…

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Opportunity for a New Approach to Public Safety in St. Louis

An open letter to Mayor Lyda Krewson from Rebeccah Bennett and Zachary Boyers, Co-chairs of Forward Through Ferguson, on the public safety opportunity in front of our region. Click here to download a pdf of the open letter. Mayor Krewson, The retirement of Police Chief Sam Dotson represents a new day for public safety in St. Louis….

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