Accountable Bodies:Non-Profit Organizations

Broadly Apply a Racial Equity Framework

Intentionally apply a racial equity framework to existing and new regional policies, initiatives, programs and projects in order to address and eliminate existing disparities for racial and ethnic populations. The following focus questions to be included at a minimum:Whom does this benefit? Does this differentially impact racial and ethnic groups? What is missing that…

Tags Racial Equity
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Early Childhood Education

Ensure sufficient early childhood development and education programs to meet the demand and align all efforts around a high-quality model that produces measurable child outcomes:Birth to 3 years of age:Scale-up and integrate, for the region’s most needy children and families, evidence-based early childhood programs for a continuum of care, including but not limited…

Tags Youth at the Center
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Build Safe Neighborhoods

Support sustained, citizen-led efforts to develop safe neighborhoods, particularly the efforts of parents and families impacted by violence, and clergy working to build community and keep watch. Support should include, but not be limited to, planning, coaching, funding and service- provider coordination  

Tags Building Safe and Trauma-Informed EnvironmentsYouth at the Center
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Align Funding to Build Capacity of CDCs

Engage area funders, non-profits, financial institutions, and private sector entities to align resources and provide financial support to encourage collaboration between community development corporations (CDCs) and build their capacity.  

Tags Opportunity to ThriveFostering Equitable Land Reutilization and Affordable Housing
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Encourage CDCs to Collaborate or Merge

In order to improve their professional skills and capacities, community development corporations (CDC) shall collaborate or, when possible and appropriate, merge.  

Tags Fostering Equitable Land Reutilization and Affordable HousingOpportunity to Thrive
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Empowerment Centers

Identify empowerment centers throughout the St. Louis region to concentrate financial services that provide community development banking and multigenerational financial education (e.g., Prosperity Connection).  

Tags Opportunity to Thrive
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