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Create an Innovative Education Hub

Create an “innovative education center/hub” capable of building an inclusive, collaborative, and multi-disciplined education environment focused on leading our region into the 21st Century from early childhood to post-secondary. All efforts should be coordinated and represented by a broad and diverse constituency including but not limited to school district leaders representing low income districts, engaged citizens, innovators/entrepreneurs, youth, low income parents with school aged youth; colleges and universities, non-profits, business and philanthropic community.

The center’s/hub’s charge should be focused on creatively solving our region’s most entrenched educational issues including by but not limited to:

  • Attracting, developing and retaining the most effective district/school leadership and teacher workforce in America. Ensuring that as a fundamental part of preparing leaders and teachers, they must participate in authentic development experiences and must have training in urban issues, anti-bias, and cultural competency;
  • Developing school board models of the
    future; ensure the existence of a transparent accountability system that monitors best practices and overall board effectiveness;
  • Creating and supporting great school climates and cultures capable of developing engaged parents and high achieving students;
  • Ensuring that school buildings/spaces are inspiring, open to family and community and equipped with relevant technology;
  • Creating staffing structures, job descriptions and compensation and benefit models that reflect the needs and challenges of educators, especially those serving the poorest and most needy youth

Model:d:school at Stanford

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Support great school climates

While policy changes are important to changing the landscapes of our schools, it is only effective when paired with culture changes. Engage with your child’s school to facilitate a great school climate and culture for all students, teachers and administrators. This can take the form of attending PTA meetings, starting discussion groups with other parents, or…

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