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Alignment Analysis – Working Group Report for the Supreme Court of Missouri

The Signature Priority Alignment Analysis is a tool to gauge the alignment of a given set of priorities or initiatives with the calls to action issued in the Ferguson Commission Report.

Click here for the Alignment Analysis of the Municipal Court Division Working Group Report for the Supreme Court of Missouri. (PDF)

How to read the Alignment Analysis

  • Section I is a summary of overall alignment, including a look at how the initiative or report in question embraced the community values that emerged during the Ferguson Commission process.
  • Section II is a list of items in the initiative or report being analyzed as they are relevant to the Ferguson Commission calls to action.
  • Section III is a list of the Ferguson Commission calls to action relevant in the report.
  • Section IV is an alignment analysis in summary paragraph form and in detailed chart form.
  • Section V articulates the method used for the analysis
By articulating existing alignment and opportunities for increased alignment, it is Forward Through Ferguson’s goal to help the community’s work on the report be of continuing value. This can help the region better invest resources, more speedily, efficiently and effectively implement the calls to action, and better facilitate lasting change.