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The Only Way Forward Is Through — Ferguson Commission Playbook

July 8th, 2016

We are heartbroken as we watch families in Baton Rouge, Minneapolis-St. Paul and Dallas grieve. As we watch communities reel we are, not surprisingly, taken back to almost two years ago in the days and weeks after the death of Michael Brown Jr.

In the shadow of renewed tensions and tragedy in the St. Louis region, it is clear that while almost two years have passed, hard work remains in front of us.

It is in moments like these that people want to “do” something. Our version of “do,” in this moment, is to share what we learned from our experience working with community in the wake of shared trauma toward shared goals for healing and change.

Activists, law enforcement, corporate leaders, city, state and federal government all came together to produce the Ferguson Commission Report. It is our hope that other communities experiencing trauma might learn not just from the resulting document, but more importantly from our process of radical collaboration, fueled by a shared desire for systemic and generational change.

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