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Three Questions for St. Louis City Mayoral Primary Candidates

Before its sunset in December of 2015, the Ferguson Commission created Forward Through Ferguson to catalyze action on the calls to action in the Ferguson Commission report, develop a vision for Racial Equity in the region, and to ensure accountability to the 3,000+ St. Louis residents who participated in the report development.

In that spirit, Forward Through Ferguson reached out to all the registered candidates with the following three questions. We’re sharing the answers we received here so that city residents can be informed and educated on how the candidates stand on the pressing issues facing our region. Click each question to see how they responded.

Forward Through Ferguson Mayoral Primary Questionnaire

Question 1

Which current or historical policies do you feel have most contributed to the current set of racial inequities in St. Louis?

Question 2

Racial equity is an outcome, specifically the state where race no longer predicts outcomes in health, housing, wealth, education, crime, life expectancy, etc. Where do you feel racial equity ranks in the problems facing St. Louis? Why?

Question 3

What 3 core strategies would you use to increase racial equity in St. Louis if elected mayor? Where can progress be made most quickly and what policy initiatives would you pursue in your first year to decrease those disparities? Who in your administration would have primary responsibility for attending to issues of racial equity?