download ferguson commission report (PDF)

Tracking Regional Action and Initiatives with the FTF Action Tracker

If you, or someone you know of, is implementing a Call to Action and it’s not listed in the Action Tracker, you can let us know through this

At the core of the Ferguson Commission’s report, Forward Through Ferguson:A Path Toward Racial Equity, are the 189 Calls to Action — 189 recommendations sourced from the experiences, input, and research of over 3,000 St. Louisans, and issued by the Commission to address racial inequity in the St. Louis region.

With that in mind, we’re excited to release the first iteration of the Forward Through Ferguson Action Tracker, a document that identifies engagement, initiatives, and work tied to Calls to Action from the Commission report. In it, you’ll find the organizations we know of that have stepped up, the signature priority area they’re working to address, and brief notes about their effort. We’ve also identified whether there has been communication between the organization and Forward Through Ferguson on the activities listed, and if there has been more formal engagement between Forward Through Ferguson and the identified organization.

For now, the Action Tracker is just a Google Spreadsheet, so it has obvious limitations. But we’re committed to evolving it into a more and more useful tool for the organizations who are engaged in the work, and the citizens who want to support it. We hope you’ll check it out.