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Achieving Racial Equity in the St. Louis Region


Racial Equity can be defined as “a state in which life outcomes are no longer predictable by race.” Forward Through Ferguson works to catalyze a St. Louis where systems work well for people of all races. This transformative vision centers a St. Louis where we’ve eliminated systemic racism so that race and zip code will no longer influence life outcomes like obtaining a quality education, earning a living wage, and having affordable housing in a safe neighborhood. The Build Racial Equity Capacity strategy from FTF’s #STL2039 Action Plan includes:

  • Conducting workshops, interventions, and assessments that support institutional transformation (Learn more about our 2020 offerings)
  • Creating and sharing curated toolkits to support institutions transforming towards Racial Equity
  • Publicly tracking institutional and regional progress towards Racial Equity with accountability to the Ferguson Commission Report
  • Amplifying success stories of institutions transforming towards Racial Equity
  • Convening REDI (Racial Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) and Organizational Development practitioners to foster synergy and measurable progress towards Racial Equity

Tools and Frameworks

Part of our mission is to capture learnings and outcomes into tools for catalysts across the region, of all kinds, who want to advance Racial Equity. Some of the Racial Equity tools we’ve helped produce include: