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Include Implicit Bias and Cultural Responsiveness Training in POST

POST shall ensure both basic recruit and in-service
training incorporates content around recognizing and
confronting implicit bias and cultural responsiveness.
• This shall occur with the assistance of advocacy
groups that represent the viewpoints of
communities that have adversarial relationships
with law enforcement.
• Law enforcement agencies statewide shall
implement training for officers that cover policies
for interactions with the LGBTQ population,
including issues such as determining gender
identity for arrest placement; the Muslim, Arab,
and South Asian communities; and immigrant
or non-English speaking groups, as well as
reinforcing policies for the prevention of sexual
misconduct and harassment.

POST shall conduct a periodic officer certification
process for officers every 2 years to ensure anti-bias and
culturally responsive policing practices are being utilized
by individual law enforcement officers. The certification
should include but not be limited to:review of office
disciplinary records and citizen complaints, bias screening,
and tactical and scenario-based screenings that assess
culturally responsive practices.
(Adapted from Recommendation 5.9 and Action Item
5.9.2 of Presidential Task Force on 21st Century
Policing report)

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Opportunity for a New Approach to Public Safety in St. Louis

An open letter to Mayor Lyda Krewson from Rebeccah Bennett and Zachary Boyers, Co-chairs of Forward Through Ferguson, on the public safety opportunity in front of our region. Click here to download a pdf of the open letter. Mayor Krewson, The retirement of Police Chief Sam Dotson represents a new day for public safety in St. Louis….

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