Accountable Bodies:Family Services

Adopt a Self-Sufficiency Model

Integrate a “self-sufficiency model” into existing services, systems and organizations that are serving the most needy children and families. A two-generational approach is essential for ensuring change, and sequencing services and supports is fundamental to building a platform capable of supporting a stable family and thriving youth. Model:Live Work Thrive  

Tags Youth at the Center
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Build Safe Neighborhoods

Support sustained, citizen-led efforts to develop safe neighborhoods, particularly the efforts of parents and families impacted by violence, and clergy working to build community and keep watch. Support should include, but not be limited to, planning, coaching, funding and service- provider coordination  

Tags Building Safe and Trauma-Informed EnvironmentsYouth at the Center
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Deliver Trauma-Informed Care

Design hospital-community partnerships to help heal young people impacted by violence with case management, mentorship and evidenced based trauma interventions

Tags Youth at the CenterBuilding Safe and Trauma-Informed Environments
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