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Create the Spirit of Missouri Fund

Create the Spirit of Missouri Fund

  • Invest in a range of innovations that have a strong potential to impact at a large scale our state’s most vexing challenges.
  • Broadly define innovation as any solution that
    has the potential to address an important issue, including new business problems, technology, new delivery systems, public policy and/or behavioral insights.
  • Support a tiered funding system; from start-up to testing to scale-up.
  • Provide various financing models (i.e. grants, loans).
  • Ensure that the “Missouri model” educates and allocates a percentage of funds to individuals/ institutions, typically excluded from the investment of financial capital.

Model:Global Innovation Fund


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Support great school climates

While policy changes are important to changing the landscapes of our schools, it is only effective when paired with culture changes. Engage with your child’s school to facilitate a great school climate and culture for all students, teachers and administrators. This can take the form of attending PTA meetings, starting discussion groups with other parents, or…

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