What Makes This Different

Angela B. talks about her hopes for — and expectations of — the body that carries Forward Through Ferguson’s calls to action from recommendation to actual change. The last  full/public meeting happens Monday, December 7th, before the Commission sunsets on December 31, 2015.

Angela, who’s been following the Commission’s work, has appreciated its attention to including and involving “actual community members who have been part of moving these Ferguson [Commission] recommendations that have come out… people who were the protesters, a lot of the grassroots organizations…. ”

“A lot of times,” Angela says, “we design processes where we get [community members’] input, but they’re not involved in the decision-making process that should be shared among them.”

In keeping with its commitment to community response, the Commission moved to convene again Monday, December 7, when it will consider the next iteration of the proposal for the core intermediary infrastructure to lead regional implementation of the recommendations in the Forward Through Ferguson Commission report.

That public meeting will take place at the new LaunchCode Mentor Center, Nathaniel J. “Nat” Rivers State Office Building (4811 Delmar Blvd), from5:30pm-8:30pm. Please join as we move closer to launching more fully into the transition phase of the Ferguson Commission’s continuing work.

Written by Elaine Cha for #FwdThruFerguson