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Know your rights

Empower yourself and others with knowledge of how the law protects you.

Tags Strengthening Anti-Bias and Cultural CompetencyImproving Officer Training
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I believe if you treat people with respect, you get respect back. Getting face-to-face and eye-to-eye contact, and having discussions with people who might have a different view than you do, is vitally important. It allows both people to see the others point of view.

Tags Justice for AllRe-Envisioning Law Enforcement Response to DemonstrationRestoring Civilian-Law Enforcement Relations Through Community PolicingPromoting Officer WellnessImproving Officer Training
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Improving Officer Training

The expert testimony, research, scholarship, and lived experience collected by the Commission revealed the following:In St. Louis City and the County, 75 percent of the police departments are unaccredited (Better Together, 2015). The State of Missouri does not require police departments to be accredited, perhaps explaining why in St. Louis City and County only…

Tags Justice for AllImproving Officer Training
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