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School Accreditation System

Revise the Missouri accreditation system (MSIP5). Ensure that the process of revision incorporates the following:

  • Inclusive Participation – ensure that the revision team includes broad representation including:
    • K-12 – district superintendents, principals and teachers
    • Higher education representatives
    • Parents and students
    • Business, philanthropic and community social support representatives
  • Lens Assessment – ensure that the new system meets the following expectations:
    • Simple – Does the new system make it easy for everyone, including parents, to understand how students, overall and in sub-groups, are performing in each school district and each school?
    • Equitable – Does the new system address racial, health and income equity issues?
    • Mastery Driven – Does the new system create a model that elevates content mastery and life-long success for children and teens?
    • Timely and Transparent – Does the new system provide clear and transparent information in a timely manner?
    • Best in Class – Does the new system lead the nation in its approach?


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Support great school climates

While policy changes are important to changing the landscapes of our schools, it is only effective when paired with culture changes. Engage with your child’s school to facilitate a great school climate and culture for all students, teachers and administrators. This can take the form of attending PTA meetings, starting discussion groups with other parents, or…

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