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Support affordable housing

Depending on the municipality or region, there are a series of laws and ordinances which dictate how much of new housing developments in an area must be affordable for low- and moderate-income families and individuals. Large development projects targeted at higher-incomes can often serve to push out or gentrify an area, rather than creating mixed-income communities. To combat this, many groups have encouraged and petitioned developers to ensure that reasonable percentages of new housing lots are affordable.

To get involved on this issue:

  • Know the percentage of new construction in your municipality is reserved for affordable housing (both low-income and middle-income).
  • Learn what development projects are being considered in your area and think critically about who the target population is for the housing, what effect it will have on the greater community, and whether the project displaces low-income or certain racial groups.
  • Advocate at board, council, and other local government meetings to ensure new developments are equitable and will strengthen the surrounding community.