Jackie and Elisabeth — #STL2039

This is part of the #STL2039 Action Plan storytelling series in partnership with Humans of St. Louis. Jackie Hutchinson:  I am the Board President of Consumers Council of Missouri. CCM’s mission is to educate and advocate for the collective interests of consumers through leadership and partnerships on issues such as utility rates, personal finance, health…

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Stephanie and Neal — #STL2039

Sharing the visions of St. Louis residents for a future St. Louis—in 2039—where Racial Equity is the reality and what they’re doing to achieve it today. #STL2039

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What does it take to find a home?

It’s the summer of 2002. Fredica M., a St. Louis native who’s moved back to the Midwest after spending some time in California, is a 25-year old mother renting an apartment in South City. She’s glad to be back in her hometown, and expecting her third child. What she isn’t expecting is becoming homeless. When…

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I care because I think that every St. Louisian makes St. Louis a great place to live and I don’t want to see my neighbors suffering. I don’t want to see my neighbors disenfranchised. I don’t want to see anybody hurt systemically in this city, in this region. It’s bad for everyone.

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Why do you live where you live?

Deciding where to make your home is challenging enough when you’re familiar with where you’re moving. For those who transplant to St. Louis from an entirely different city, state, or country even, the advice of contacts in your soon-to-be-local area can provide valuable insights

Tags Opportunity to ThriveRacial EquityHousingInfrastructure
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A focus on developing and investing in human capital will move the region forward while simultaneously strengthening the economy. This requires an interdisciplinary approach to tackling economic problems, seeking to create an environment where everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

Tags Opportunity to ThriveHousingBuilding a Racial Equity Infrastructure
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Teach Financial Literacy to Section 8 Housing Beneficiaries

Provide Section 8 housing beneficiaries with financial literacy and technical assistance in asset-building so that they can become permanent homeowners.

Tags HousingOpportunity to Thrive
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Expand the Statewide Housing Trust Fund

Expand the statewide Missouri housing trust fund (HTF) program by doubling the current real estate transaction filing fee

Tags Optimizing Existing Housing SupportHousingOpportunity to Thrive
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Institute Fair Housing Protections

Create fair housing protections that prohibit discrimination by source of income for the entire State of Missouri.  

Tags Fostering Equitable Land Reutilization and Affordable HousingHousingOpportunity to Thrive
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Use Federal Funds in Strategic Maximally Impactful Ways

St. Louis County shall partner with the Department of Housing and Urban Development to develop an approach that directs Community Development Block Grants to be more impactful

Tags Optimizing Existing Housing SupportOpportunity to ThriveHousing
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Build Healthy, Affordable Housing

Support the Missouri Housing Development Commission’s 2015-16 Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) as it references unit sizes, investment of LIHTC, and workforce housing namely with respect to:Limiting applications to fifty (50) affordable units (with exceptions mentioned in the QAP) Prohibiting new construction and conversion in locations where the total publicly subsidized housing units (as defined…

Tags Opportunity to ThriveHousingOptimizing Existing Housing Support
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Enact Inclusionary Zoning Ordinances

Enact inclusionary zoning ordinances to promote access to affordable housing for low-income individuals

Tags Opportunity to ThriveHousingFostering Equitable Land Reutilization and Affordable Housing
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Optimizing Existing Housing Support

The expert testimony, research, scholarship, and lived experience collected by the Commission revealed the following:The nation is facing a housing crisis (Desmond, 2015). The number of market-rate housing units affordable for lower-income families has decreased substantially (Poethig et al., 2015). In 2013, St. Louis City had 21 market-rate units available per 100 extremely-low income…

Tags HousingOptimizing Existing Housing SupportOpportunity to Thrive
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Many residents in low-income households with limited access to credit seek payday loans to handle bills and other costs. However, payday lending firms can impose abusive and unfair loan terms on a borrower that he or she cannot afford.

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Escaping the vicious cycle of economic strife is a struggle at the crossroads of health, employment, education, housing and finances. Families and individuals whose lives hover at the edge of financial stability are devastated when faced with an unexpected or unmanageable financial set back and often never recover. Predatory lending practices shamelessly prey upon people when they are at their most vulnerable.

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